Three powerful interviews for understanding the survivor, the narcissist, and your loved one who stays in an abusive relationship.


You’ll get lifetime access to 3 audio interviews (MP3 or MP4 format) with world-renowned experts in their fields.

In this Summit Sampler Power Pack, psychotherapist, Bree Bonchay, you’ll get access to three powerful interviews with leading experts- Sandra Brown, MA, Dr. Steven Hassan, Ph.D., and Dr. Rhonda Freeman, Ph.D.- that will shed light on narcissistically abusive relationships and give you a blueprint for recovery. Psychotherapist, Bree Bonchay, invites you to join her and take a deep dive into the key understandings about survivors and narcissists, everyone should know.

In It’s Not Just Empathy: The Personality Traits of Targeting, you will discover:
  • Why being an empath is not the only reason you get tangled in pathological relationships with narcissists
  • What cluster of personality traits keep you stuck in abusive relationships, returning to these relationships and complicate your recovery
  • Personality traits that are most elevated among survivors
  • The big five personalities personality test
  • The narrative behind super traits in a relationship
  • How personality influences intuition and conscious reasoning
In Freedom of Mind Helping Loved Ones Leave Controlling People, Cults, and Beliefs, you’ll learn:
  • How brainwashing, hypnosis, and mind control are used to recruit individuals and keep them stuck in controlling and abusive relationships
  • What deprogramming is and how love can be stronger than mind-control
  • Techniques to help loved ones break free from abusive relationships and details about managing cognitive dissonance
  • Personality types for both victims and controlling people/cult leaders
In The Neuroscience Behind Why Narcissists Do What They Do,
you’ll learn:
  • The neuroscience behind why narcissists do what they do
  • Why do narcissists reject people they claim to love
    Some common survivor traits after a narcissist break-up
  • What are some psychopathic traits
  • Relationship-Wise: How do narcissists and psychopaths target their victims?
  • Why are narcissists so good at mimicking bonding?
  • The neuroscience behind why narcissists are cheaters and liars
  • Survivor Rejection and Narcissism’s Happiness: Neuroscience tips for survivors